Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) – Non Comprehensive

The maintenance contract service (for all type of Branded Servers, desktops, laptops, thin clients, workstations) is designed for business, for them who want maximum output from Computer Infrastructure and employees. By accepting such agreement you can get more productivity, less expenditure for maintenance and up gradation.

For a fixed fee paid, all troubleshooting, problem solving and diagnosis onsite is free on MNC. In a situation where machine goes down, we guarantee to attend your site within 24 hours.

The contract also includes regular site visits to carry out preventive maintenance procedures, You will also receive unlimited advice and support to ensure you are getting the most from your current IT.

 Our technical support department provides prompt support by telephone, remote and onsite support from a single source, where and when you need it. To that end, our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) ensures that your software is always supported and up to date. We offer annual maintenance services (AMC) to our customers from different industrial segments. Our Annual Maintenance package ensures that you get the highest level of support and service, when you need it the most. We understand that your work can not come to a standstill while you wait for technical support and service.

Priority Services for customer who have AMC

4 Preventive maintenance visits
Priority Services for customer who have AMC
It is a one time decision and saves valuable time
Cost effective charges and quality service deliverables
Trained Service professionals – A team of highly energetic professionals.
Committed response time and repair time
Technical support is available at your place within short time
Unlimited online support is offered during office hours through phone/ Internet
We offer solutions to hardware problems, to reduce your machines down time.
During major breakdowns, we can provide standby parts if it is to be repaired through us/ to be replaced through us.

We serve you to get peripherals of Desktop Computer, Laptop and Network repaired at competitive charges in case of major breakdowns and arrange parts at best prices available in the industry. We also setup and maintain Intranet and Extranet Networks and ISP Setups.

Service Engineer will report same day of telephone call on working days and in working hour’s time.

TERMS this agreement is initially for one year from the date of signing the contract and shall be renewed at expiry, for further fixed periods each time. Unless specifically terminated by either party by giving one month written notice, prior to end of maintenance contract period under the referred agreement. Customer shall be responsible for providing proper electrical power source according to industry standard. Any damages due to deviations from these at the customers end will not be covered under this agreement. Customer shall provide, free of cost, adequate working space for Maxwell System; personnel and adequate storage facilities for test equipment and spare parts etc. within the installation site. The customer will make the system available to Maxwell System for maintenance purposes at all reasonable times without  any charge, The customer shall not directly or indirectly, open, tamper, try to tamper with, or in anyway, do any act will result in intruding with the hardware of the machine or make any modification to the stated configuration. Customer shall not be entitled to assign the service agreement or any benefit of interest herein to other external agency without a prior written consent of Maxwell System computers sales and Services. Under this contract service will be provide by Maxwell System and if any damage or fault occurs in system due to clients negligence, Maxwell System will rectify that problem (and will charge for repair or replaced components if  Non-Comprehensive AMC is Signed.) If on any ground or due to unavoidable circumstances the customer decides to terminate the contract before its expiry customer shall have to pay the balance amount of the total maintenance contract amount. Both the parties are empowered to discontinue the contract with an advance notice of one month in case of any kind of dissatisfaction.

MAINTENANCE CHARGE AMC charges have to be finalized by both the parties. 50% payment should be made at the beginning of contract and balance after six months.

CHANGE OF LOCATION In case of relocation of system Maxwell System shall levy relocation charges. The charges varying as to the nature of relocation & complexities involve in shifting the system. In case of relocation of systems Maxwell System has the rights to revise the maintenance charges depending on the new location. In the event of the customer not abiding by any these clauses. Maxwell System reserve the right to terminate the agreement & the customer will not be entitled to any compensation whatever in such case. Also alums paid under this agreement shall stand for field.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITIES A Maxwell System liability under this agreement does not extend to: Any external work that affects performance of the machine, like power supply cable from main power source etc. Repair or damage due to accident, transportation neglect, failure of or use of nonstandard electrical power. Furnishing rubber parts, plates, supplies, painting or refurbishing machine and making specification changes.

GENERAL PROVISION This instrument shall supersede any & all previous communication, both oral & written & the provision herein contained shall both be omitted added to or amended in any manner in writing & signed by both parties hereof.